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Recent advances in Laboratory Medicine plays an important role in managing patients. With the fast advances of technology, every laboratory need to continuously improve their quality and management. With the world globalization, it is very important to have harmonization between international laboratory results and performances. There are still many classes and levels among various countries that differ in its results and quality.
It has been a decade since our First Meeting of ANCLS in February 1999 which was held in University of Indonesia - Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, Jakarta Indonesia, for finding a way to solve the differences of laboratories results among Asian countries and Western countries. The objective of the 1st Colloquium was to review the status of laboratory practice in Hematology and Clinical Chemistry in Asia, to standardize and harmonize the quality control and assurance in Asia, to develop guidelines for good laboratory practice and define quality of reference and quality control material and to stimulate international relationship activities among Asian countries and other international bodies. Every year a Colloquium was conducted and scientist from Asian and other countries will meet to discuss about improving quality management, recent advances in laboratory medicine, accreditation and other interesting topics related to specific needs of emerging countries. The 2nd meeting was held in Kobe Japan in October 2000, third in Singapore (November 2001), the 4th in Seoul Korea (November 2002) the 5th in Bangkok Thailand (December 2003), the 6th in Ho Chi Min City Vietnam (October 2005), the 7th in Putrajaya Malaysia (August 2006), the 8th in Manila Philippines (September 2007), the 9th in Tokyo Japan (August 2008) and now the 10th in Daegu, Korea. It was at the 2nd meeting that 2 decision was made, the official name of the organization ANCLS was agreed and the beginning of the AQUAS (Asian Quality Assurance Program) which objective was to improve and standardize the quality of laboratory test and minimize the disparities among Asian laboratories. The president of the ANCLS is assumed on the basis of rotation from the member countries. The birth of ANCLS was greatly influenced by the role of the founders Dr. Noriyuki Tatsumi and Dr. Yoshinori Funahara in organizing in the 1st Colloquium.
The objectives of the ANCLS are: to foster the highest standards and harmonization in education, research, and practice of laboratory medicine. Through study, education the quality assurance survey program in all fields of clinical pathology to improve and standardize the quality of clinical laboratory tests and help to minimize inter laboratories disparities and improvement of the economic aspect of the practice of medical laboratories services to patients, physician, hospitals and public, and also to improve human health. To achieve the objectives, AQuAS was organized under Prof. Dr. Kap No Lee, Prof. Dr. Han Ik Cho, Prof. Dr. Young Joo Cha with their team and great effort in organizing the Quality Assurance Program), from conducting the first survey and continuous contribution in expanding and improving the program. We still have a long way to go and I hope this meeting will strengthen our bond and collaborative work.
I herewith share the opinion and message from Dr. Tatsumi that ANCLS is different from other common academic institute. If direction of ANCLS becomes the same as others, it will be made redundant. It is important that Asian member have institute to have heart-to-heart talk. It is not appropriate to dramatically change scale and spirit of ANCLS. I hope we can all work together in the future with other international organization which the ANCLS members are also from the international organization to improve and strengthens the ANCLS to achieve our goal.

— Ina S. Timan, MD, PhD

President of ANCLS

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